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Safe Haven Interdenominational Bible College and Training Institute is a school for everyone. For those who want more…. For those who want to apply the Word of God practically in their lives….For those who seek to increase their knowledge of the Word and Will of God…. For those who are in ministry and want to sharpen their skills…. And most importantly, for those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, Safe Haven is a Bible College where that thirst and hunger can be filled. (Matthew 5:6) 

​Our ultimate goal is neither about the class nor the degree, but it is to make you qualified in the “Kingdom of God”. It is to make you a workable instrument for the Body of Christ. The work of the institute is to make you understand the principles of “The Word" on the level of total operation. Knowledge without understanding is like stagnate water. You have the information, but you cannot go anywhere with it. No matter what area you are going to work in the Body of Christ, from being a church member to pastoring, you need to know how to operate properly in the principles of “The Word”. Use your previous education, training, and life experience to save time and money on a degree. 
Safe Haven Interdenominational
 Bible College and Training Institute
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